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CompuApps DriveSMART for MAC OS X 1.02

CompuApps DriveSMART for MAC OS X 1.02: To monitor and report the health of the hard disk drives on your system DriveSMART is an essential tool to report the health of your hard disk drive and can be used in tandem with CompuApps DriveWizard to save the contents of your hard disk drive before it crashes! DriveSMART utilizes the S.M.A.R.T. technology to track the status of the computer hard disks. Its main goal is to detect and anticipate any problems that are about to occur on your hard disk, in a timely manner allowing you to save your precious data.

DasBoot 2.0: Free utility for creating bootable repair devices to fix your Mac.
DasBoot 2.0

Drive Genius, and Disk Warrior, all in one place to keep your Mac running at peak performance. Creating a DasBoot device is simple. Insert a flash drive or other device you wish to make a powerful repair kit, select the utilities you’d like to include on the repair disk and use a 3rd party bootable CD/DVD (such as those included with FileSalvage, Disk Warrior, Drive Genius, etc) and create your repair drive in minutes. DasBoot is so easy to use

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VolID(Disk Drives Serial Modifier) 4.0.2: With VolID you can modify your disk drive`s serial number(Volume ID).
VolID(Disk Drives Serial Modifier) 4.0.2

With VolID you can modify your disk drive`s serial number which is also called Volume ID (not hard disk`s physical serial which you can find at back of your hard disk) , the format of volume ID is: XXXX-XXXX (X maybe 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,A,B,C,D,E,F). Close all running program before you modify your volume ID, reboot is required to make the modification take effect. Press "Restore" button you can restore the drive`s volume ID to old one.

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SeeMe 1.3.1: Assign drive letters to removable disk drives.
SeeMe 1.3.1

disk drive letters to unrecognized removable disk volumes, such as USB flash drives. When the application is run, it will identify all disk volumes. Removable disk volumes containing data but no drive letters (i.e., unrecognized volumes) will be prefixed with an asterisk. Select an unrecognized removable disk volume that contains data. Click the `Go` button, or press the ENTER key. This will assign the selected disk volume to the next available disk

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External Hard Drive Data Recovery Software 2.0: External hard drive recovery software to recover external hard drive data
External Hard Drive Data Recovery Software 2.0

External hard disk drive recovery software is an advanced data recovery software to recover lost data from external hard drive or any storage media such as hard drive, pen drive, memory stick, zip drive, USB digital media & many more. Hard drive recovery software is data recovery tool to repair hard drive corruption due to virus attack, boot failure, accidental shut down, hardware and software failure etc.

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CryptoDisk 1.3: Creates virtual encrypted disk on your system to secure your private files.
CryptoDisk 1.3

disks (encrypted volumes). It creates encrypted volume within a file on a hard drive or any external data storage device (flash memory card, USB drive, etc) and then mount it as a real disk. All the data are automatically encrypted using your password right before they are saved to disk or decrypted right before they are loaded, without any user intervention. Mounted volumes behave as real physical disk drives, however even when the volume is mounted

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Restore USB Drive Files Pen drive removable disk retrieval software used to recover missing data files
Restore USB Drive Files

Pen drive memory stick data recovery software is safe, easy and non-destructive read-only data retrieval utility. Pen drive data recovery tool is used to restore missing or corrupted data files and folders from logically crashed memory stick, USB thumb drive or other USB removable disk drive. Pen drive data retrieval software also includes support for compact flash memory card, multimedia card, SD card, removable media flash card memory etc.

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